Progress Report and Announcement!

We’ve received our prototypes and have to say they’re looking great. Even at this stage they look almost indistinguishable from the original console and the final production models will look even better!

We’d love to show some product shots but we’re just waiting on the packaging prototypes to get back to us and we’ll show them all together.

What we CAN do is announce our first model. It’s the SEGA Mega Drive!

That’s right, to tie in with its 30th birthday our first model is SEGA’s most successful console of all time. The first version we’re releasing is the Sonic bundle from 1991 which means it includes a perfect miniature of the Sonic the Hedgehog game cartridge as well as a replica of the original retail box.

We’ll be showing the full prototype mid August so stay tuned. From there, pre-orders for the limited first production run will open towards the end of the month so please follow us on social media to get notified as soon as it happens. Product will launch in December.