Progress Report – May

Don’t worry, we’re still here and still plugging away. Our first prototype is currently being worked on and should be finished within the month!

Packaging designs are also in progress and we’re aiming for a really decent quality box. A premium product deserves a decent quality box so no flimsy card or blister packing for our models thank you very much!

The standard contents for all our models will be as follows:

  • The model itself – a high quality 1:2.3 scale plastic model.
  • The controller – matching the model at 1:2.3 scale.
  • The stand – a main stand for the console with details on what model it is, the year of the consoles release and some other details.
  • The controllers stand – a smaller stand to affix to the controller.
  • The replica console box – we’re providing a miniature cardboard replica of the original console’s retail packaging.
  • Instruction leaflet – yes, even our included leaflet will fold up and have the same design as the original instruction manual! We’re that obsessed.

More details to come soon!